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Year 6 Canberra Tour 2024

The Year 6 students from our Mt Ridley and Donnybrook campuses had an incredibly enriching experience during their recent Canberra Tour.

A busy itinerary ensured a mix of social and educational experiences, as they explored the varied opportunities available at our Nation’s Capital.

At the Electoral Education Centre, students learned about our Preferential Voting System, gaining valuable insights into the democratic processes. Their journey continued at Parliament House, where they enjoyed role-playing to help them understand parliamentary roles and the legislative process.

The students' learning extended beyond politics, visiting Questacon and the Australian Institute of Sport, immersing themselves in science and sports. They paid their respects at the War Memorial, admired the beauty of the National Arboretum, and deepened their understanding of the capital's history at the National Capital Exhibition.

In addition to cultural and historical sites, the students visited significant institutions such as the National Gallery of Australia (NGA), the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex and Reconciliation Walk, all of which provided new and engaging experiences.

Throughout the tour, the students' exemplary behaviour received praise from both members of the public and tour presenters, reflecting their maturity and respect. They were wonderful ambassadors for our school.

The Year 6 Canberra Tour not only provided valuable educational opportunities but also strengthened relationships, built resilience, and gave the students a new-found appreciation of each other and their teachers. We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all of our staff who accompanied our students to Canberra and the outstanding care they provided and experiences they organised.

In support of our tour, through the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program, we also acknowledge the generous support of the Australian Government, contributing $45 per student towards tour expenses, of which we are grateful.

Joanne Ellis
Head of Student Wellbeing 3 - 6 (Donnybrook)

Sarah Shatford
Head of Student Wellbeing 3 - 6 (Mt Ridley)