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Commencement Services

The 2024 academic year has kicked off with annual Commencement services at Hume Anglican Grammar.

In all, five separate services saw students and staff come together to celebrate the beginning of a new school year.

At one of these services, Primary Donnybrook, Assistant Principal – Primary (Donnybrook), Rebecca Fry, drew inspiration from the new Disney movie 'Wish’, highlighting the importance of making dreams come true.

“I stand before you today with a heart full of excitement and anticipation as we embark on a new school year. As we gather here, I’m reminded of the magic that fills the air when we come together to learn, grow and create lasting memories. This year, I’d like to draw inspiration from the enchanting world of Disney, particularly the idea of making wishes come true and the new movie ‘Wish’.

Just like the characters in the movie ‘Wish’, each one of us brings a unique story, dreams and aspirations to this school. And just like those characters, we have the power to turn our wishes into reality. This year, let us embrace the spirit of the Disney movie ‘Wish’ as we navigate the challenges and adventures that 2024 will bring.

In the realm of Disney, wishes are not just fleeting thoughts; they are powerful, transformative desires that have the potential to share our destinies. As we begin our 2024 year at Hume Anglican Grammar, let us dare to dream being, aspire to achieve our goals and work together to make those dreams come true.

Imagine if our classrooms were filled with the magic of collaboration where every student’s unique talent and perspective come together to create something extraordinary. Picture a school where kindness and compassion reign, where we support one another on our individual quests and celebrate each other’s successes.

Think about the potential for innovation and creativity when we embrace the notion of no dream is too big or too small. Walt Disney said, ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’. Let us foster an environment where innovation is nurtured, where curiosity is encouraged and where the pursuit of knowledge and excellence is driven by a passion for learning.

Disney characters find strength in friendship and unity. Let us at Hume forge strong bonds with our fellow staff and students. Together, we can overcome challenges, inspire one another and create a sense of belonging that makes our school not just a place of learning, but a community that supports and uplifts each other.

The magic of Disney ‘Wish’ lies in its ability to bring joy, hope and a sense of wonder. As we step into this new school year, let us carry that magic within us. Let us be the architects of our own destinies, the authors of our unique stories and the dreamers who turn aspirations into achievements.

May our 2024 school year be filled with the enchantment of learning; the magic of friendship and the fulfilment of our very own Disney wishes.

Here’s to a year of growth, discovery and making dreams come true.”