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Italian Pasta Sauce - From Scratch!

Year 10 Italian students at Hume Anglican Grammar have been studying the history of Italian migration to Australia.

Recently, the students participated in an exciting class activity where they explored the items that Italian migrants typically brought with them to Australia. One of the items that stood out was the Passatutto, a traditional vegetable mill used to crush tomatoes and other ingredients to make pasta sauce.

To make the activity more engaging and hands-on, Mrs Cavillieros brought her manual passatutto, allowing students to make their own sauce. The students took turns using the passatutto and other equipment and helped each other with the preparation of the ingredients. As the delightful aroma filled the room, the students were treated to a big bowl of homemade pasta sauce, which they enjoyed with fettuccine.

The activity not only provided a fun way to learn about Italian migration to Australia, but it also allowed students to experience Italian culture first-hand, develop their practical cooking skills and enjoy the wonderful taste of fresh homemade sauce after working up an appetiteā€¦Bellisima!