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Wonders of Nature

The Year 3 students at our Kalkallo campus have been on an exciting journey of discovery, learning about the wonders of the natural world.

They have been observing, classifying, and categorising natural phenomena, immersing themselves into the captivating world of living and non-living things and exploring the fascinating cycles of life.

Through a series of hands-on activities, the students have had the opportunity to participate in exciting adventures, from engaging scavenger hunts to planting seeds and conducting the water cycle in a bag experiment, witnessing the stages of evaporation, transpiration, condensation, and precipitation firsthand. The highlight of their term was the magical moment when a butterfly emerged from its chrysalis during a whole class lesson, leaving a lasting impression on their young minds.

Adding to the excitement, on Tuesday, 21 May the students were visited by Hollie from Wild Action Zoo, who brought with her a number of creatures, both smooth and slimy. The students were mesmerised as they learned about the diverse life cycles of these animals and their vital roles our ecosystem. It was amazing to see so many students asking questions and getting to hold and experience some of the cute, and not so cute, animals firsthand!