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Year 6 Migration

Year 6 students at the Mt Ridley campus have recently commenced a Unit of Inquiry looking at the changes in Australian society since Federation in 1901.

They have learned about the people who influenced and drove the movement towards Federation and the creation of the Australian Constitution.

Students have also discovered how First Nations Peoples were treated at the time of Federation and learnt about the 1967 Referendum to remove references in the Constitution that discriminated against First Nations Peoples. Further, they have explored how migrants to Australia have been treated, from the Europeans early last century to more recent migrants from Asia and Africa.

Earlier this week, students were fortunate to have a number of parents share their migration stories. They heard from parents from El Salvador, England, Nigeria, Iraq, Philippines, Vietnam and Lebanon. The parents shared their reasons for migrating to Australia, reflected on the lives they left behind and what their lives may have been like if they had not emigrated. They also spoke about some of the struggles and surprising experiences when they first arrived in Australia. 

This learning opportunity allowed students to discover the many reasons why people emigrate to Australia, particularly understanding that everyone has a story to share. While there may be struggles along the way, it is the action that we take to give our future selves greater opportunities that can be the most rewarding; as many of our families have done.