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Hume Creative Lego

Motivation expert Daniel Pink hypothesised in his book ‘Drive’ that humans are fundamentally driven by three things.

Mastery, the desire to get better at something that matters. Autonomy, the desire to direct one’s own life. Purpose, a life lived in service of something greater than oneself.

In 2024, Hume Anglican Grammar has taken a new approach to the Professional Development of our teachers based on these principals with all teaching staff selecting (autonomy) and enrolling in an internal course to develop their skills (mastery) in order to better serve our students (purpose).

In Semester 1 our teachers selected the following programs:

  • E-learning: Exploring the opportunities that new technologies bring, this group have explored technological aids for the classroom and experimented with new ideas in education such as the role of Generative AI.
  • Middle Leadership:  Split into ‘Leading Self’ where we focus on personal excellence and self-awareness and ‘Leading Others’ which explores strategy and management of teams.
  • Professional Reading: Time devoted to engage with educational research and discuss its application to our classrooms.
  • Coaching Trios: A program of classroom visits so that teachers can have colleagues watch them teaching real lessons and work together to constantly refine and improve the way we deliver our lessons.
  • Classroom Essentials: A focus on classroom excellence, this group spends time on each component of great teaching under the guidance of a curriculum leader.

Hume Anglican Grammar is a community of lifelong learners. Our teachers are committed to their development and the school is committed to recruiting, growing and retaining the best to serve our students.

Sam Butterfield
Director of Teaching and Learning