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DB Public Speaking Competition

The annual Donnybrook Public Speaking Competition is an essential component of our educational program, encouraging students to delve deeply into topics of interest, develop critical thinking skills, and understand the value of comprehensive research. It provides a platform for students to express their ideas and findings both creatively and confidently.

This year's competition involved over 250 students from Years 3 to 6. Each year level held presentations to select four representatives to progress to the final. The preparation process included researching chosen topics, drafting and revising speeches, and practising delivery in front of classmates and teachers. Many students also took advantage of workshops where they received additional guidance and feedback.

Our students spoke on a diverse array of topics, demonstrating not only their knowledge but also their ability to engage, inform and persuade an audience. The judges were impressed by the high level of preparation and the depth of understanding each finalist exhibited.

We are delighted to announce the winners of our 2024 Donnybrook Public Speaking Competition.

Year 3: Reanna impressed everyone with her insightful project on Black Widow Spiders.
Year 4: Saheli captivated the judges with her detailed research on the Great Barrier Reef.
Year 5: Kavneet delivered a powerful presentation on why prejudice should be stopped.
Year 6: Ramneeq presented a compelling argument on why we should accept refugees.

Huge congratulations also go to Ramneeq, who was the overall winner of the competition.

We celebrate these students for their dedication and curiosity. We are incredibly proud of all the participants and grateful for the support of our dedicated teachers and parents who made this event possible. Through their hard work and enthusiasm, our students have shown that they are capable of achieving great things.