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The Environmental Team and Community Crusaders have been busy meeting with local charities over the past few days to donate the items collected as part of the Clothing and Textile Drive.

Major Colin from the Craigieburn Corps of The Salvation Army (the Salvos) collected over 1,200 items and explained how the donations would be used. Many of the items will be sold as part of their Thrift Shop program to raise funds, while others will be donated directly to families in need within the community.

The team also met with Holly from Second Chance Animal Rescue and toured the shelter, meeting a few of the cats currently looking for a new home. Holly explained how the more than 100 donations of towels, soft toys and dog bowls would be used within the shelter. In addition, Seeing Eye Dogs received over 100 sheets, bedspreads, and pillowcases, which were gladly accepted by Mitch and Seeing Eye Dog in training Eduardo. They discussed how the items will help in the kennels over the coming weeks and months.

All three charities rely on donations from the public and could not have been more appreciative of what they have received. The donations not only help others but also give many items that may have ended up in a landfill a second life, ticking boxes for both the Environmental Team and the Community Crusaders.

Thank you for all your kind donations.