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In this edition of Captain’s Corner, we reflect on the recent Year 7 Q&A session held by our Year 12 students.

‘Captain’s Corner’ provides our Year 12 School Captains with an opportunity to reflect on recent school events or initiatives at Hume Anglican Grammar.

Hello everyone!

On the Friday, 17 February, 12 VCE students ran a ‘Question and Answer’ (Q&A) Session with the Year 7 students of Hume Anglican Grammar's Mt Ridley Campus.

With two of the VCE students assigned to each Homeroom, and the two School Captains monitoring the session, all of the Year 7's burning questions were answered about life in the Secondary School, VCE, Co-curricular activities, study techniques, leadership positions and much more. 

The VCE students included Meles Nona (that's me!), Eryn McKenna, Saatvik Sehgal, Avreen Kaur, Sandra Zaya, Anthony Shu, Grace Hoffman, Ann Bijo, Meron Nona, Merola Mina, Freddie Gibson, and Simran Kaur. 

These discussion points mentioned above, brought rise to even more queries from the Year 7's and more answers to assist them in preparing themselves for all that the future years hold in Secondary education here at our school. 
This was an initiative that I was keen to introduce since the end of 2022 and I'm extremely grateful for the support and encouragement that the school's leadership (special thanks to Mrs Rakatairi (Year 7 Coordinator), and Mr Martin, Assistant Principal Secondary – Mt Ridley Campus) have provided to help make this project to become a reality!
I recall the fear I experienced myself when in Year 7 – unsure about Year 12 and VCE as a whole.  For this reason I wanted to make sure that our current Year 7 students did not experience any of the same fears during their early years in Secondary school. This Q&A session - possibly the first of many - was held to ‘break the ice’ between the school's most experienced students and the newest members of our Secondary cohort.

Later in Term 1 we will also deliver this session to the Year 7 cohort at our Donnybrook campus and we hope that this will be equally as beneficial to those students as well. All in all, we are very happy with how well we are working together as a school cohort in 2023 and we are excited to see the results of the projects that we have planned in the future. 
Meles Nona (School Captain)

Hume Student Interactive Q&A Session