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Hume Anglican Flag Raising

A group of seven students from Hume Anglican Grammar recently made a difference in the school community. 

A proposal penned by the students has led to the installation of new flag poles, which will fly the school's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags daily. The students were inspired by their Year 8 English Curriculum, which included studying "The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf" by Indigenous author Ambelin Kwaymullina.

During class discussions last year, a Year 8 English class discussed that the Indigenous flag was only raised on Fridays and not displayed alongside the Australian flag every day. This led to the idea of finding a way to make their wish for the Indigenous flags to be a permanent feature at school a reality. Their teacher, Mrs Kutin also emphasized the importance of applying what they had learned beyond the text.

The students, Nandini, Sshayna, Mannat, Yashika, Aria, Gabrielle and Shana, wrote a proposal to Principal, Mr Sweeney, explaining their desire to see two additional flag poles erected at the school - one to fly an Aboriginal flag and the other to fly a Torres Strait Islander flag. They wanted to show that Hume Anglican Grammar was an inclusive and welcoming space for everyone in the community.

After many weeks of hard work, the students presented their proposal to Mr Sweeney and were thrilled to learn it was accepted. Now, the Indigenous flags are proudly displayed alongside the Australian flag every day, thanks to the dedication of these inspiring students. It serves as a reminder of the school's commitment to acknowledging and celebrating the culture and traditions of all Australians.

The hard work and dedication of these inspiring students has not only brought about change for the Mt Ridley campus but also for the Donnybrook and Kalkallo campuses. The students' initiative has shown that small actions can have a big impact, and we can all make a difference in our communities.

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