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Music Band of Trio

'A Night on the Green' one of our annual music performance evenings returned last night for the first time in several years in early November.

This annual event showcases a number of outstanding solo acts, duos and bands from students in Years 7-12 and this year featured performances from individuals as well as a number of our school bands including 'Six Amigos', 'Jump', 'Sweet Chilli', 'Caffeination' and our VCE Music cohort.

Coordinator of Instrumental Music - Michael Smith was thrilled with the performances on display but also the opportunity that the concert provides for students. "A Night on the Green is a long running annual event that mixes all aspects of the music program, including both instrumental and the classroom to present a unique opportunity for students to showcase their talents in a wide range of contexts."

Director of Performing Arts - Haylee Sommer, was equally complimentary. "A Night On The Green was a wonderful representation of the strength of our Performing Arts Co-Curricular Program, which includes our incredibly popular Instrumental Program. From stunning vocal soloists to instrumental duets and outstanding band performances, this was truly a showcase of the talent in our Secondary School."

Music features regularly in the curriculum at Hume Anglican Grammar both in the Primary years as a component of our Performing Arts specialist subject, and again as a standalone subject within the Secondary years. Instrumental music tuition also features as a key componnent of the school's Cocurricular Program and is offered to students from Prep to Year 12.

You can find a list of current Curriculum Guides by clicking HERE or apply for enrolment at Hume Anglican Grammar by clicking HERE.

  • Solo Singer Performance
    Solo Singer Performance
  • Full Band Performance
    Full Band Performance
  • Female Guitarist Performance
    Female Guitarist Performance
  • Solo Music Performance
    Solo Music Performance
  • School Band Performance
    School Band Performance
  • Solo Guitar Performance
    Solo Guitar Performance
  • Grup of Trio Performance at Music Event
    Grup of Trio Performance at Music Event
  • Duo Music Performance
    Duo Music Performance
  • Pop Singer Performance
    Pop Singer Performance
  • Vocal Soloist
    Vocal Soloist
  • Solo Singing Performance
    Solo Singing Performance
  • Music Band of Trio Performance
    Music Band of Trio Performance