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For the first time this year, Year 7 students participated in the Centre of Italian Studies (CIS) Italian Poetry Recitation Competition.

The competition challenged the students to select a poem from a prescribed list and memorise it for delivery in front of a panel of judges.

During the process, the students were encouraged to focus on understanding the poem, perfecting their pronunciation, being aware of their delivery and presentation, with a focus on intonation, tempo, and flow of delivery. The students were judged against hundreds of other students from other schools.

Our six Year 7 students embraced the challenge wholeheartedly. Over several months, they spent much of their lunchtimes working together to perfect their delivery. On the day of the competition, they arrived at the CIS Carlton Centre where they were warmly greeted by the judges. Each student was proud of their delivery and walked away confident that they did their best.

We are proud of the results all our students achieved. Simarjot and Perisa received a Certificate of Participation, Saakhi and Charli achieved a Certificate of Merit, Kainaat received a High Distinction, and we recognize Gabriela who received a third-place award in her division. This is an exceptional result and a testament to Gabiela’s dedication.

We look forward to running the competition again next year with many more students participating.