New Parent Code of Conduct

At Hume, we firmly believe that a young person’s schooling and learning outcomes can only succeed when the School and its families work in partnership. To support this belief, from the beginning of the new school year in 2023, Hume Anglican Grammar will have in place a Parent Code of Conduct, to which all parents must comply. 

The Code aims to promote positive and respectful behaviours among all in the community, to ensure that the School discharges its duty to protect the staff and students under its care from risks to their health and safety. The Code outlines the expectations for parents when engaging with the School, including supporting its educational ethos and values; demonstrating respectful behaviours; appropriately using technology and social media; behaving responsibly when visiting the School; and raising grievances appropriately and productively.  

A range of negative behaviours that impact staff, students and/or other parents are also outlined in the Code. These behaviours include, but are not limited to, abusive, offensive, threatening, disrespectful or rude actions or language; the withholding of information about a child; and/or refusing to engage with the School or failing to support the School’s direction. 

Finally, the Code clearly outlines the actions the School may take if a breach of the Parent Code of Conduct is made. These consequences range from a request for the conduct to cease, to the termination of the enrolment of a child. 

The draft Parent Code of Conduct is attached here for your information. We welcome your feedback and, if you would like to provide any comment to me, please email [email protected]. The Code will be in place from 16, January 2023, and we look forward to your continued support for our wonderful school and its community.  

Penelope Monger - Deputy Principal