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Illuminate 2023 Winners

Hume Anglican Grammar students have once again been announced as the winners of the 'Illuminate: NextGen Challenge' for the fourth year in a row! 

This prestigious competition was entered as part of their participation in our school's SHINE Program.

The challenge required students to devise a solution to bridge the digital divide, and our team did not disappoint. They developed a targeted approach to assist those in our community with a low socioeconomic status to learn and access technology to protect their families against cyber threats. Their business, called 'KonnectEd', provided learning opportunities at a local hub and access to refurbished devices at reduced prices, thereby bridging the knowledge and access gap that affects the majority of Hume residents.

The Hume Anglican Grammar students competed against 16 other teams entered by schools in the Hume region and were judged by a panel of community business leaders. They spent the entire week creating a viable business, producing a business plan, financial plan, and marketing strategy while also participating in minor business challenges posed to them. Our students worked exceptionally well as a team, were motivated and enthusiastic, and ultimately represented our school very admirably. As a result, they were awarded the Best Business Case and Financials Award as well as winning the challenge overall!

We would like to congratulate Sarah, Gurleen, Nathan, Jude, Gabrielle, Cecilia, and Aria on their incredible achievements and for continuing our winning streak. They have represented us so very well and have made us all very proud. Well done!

  • Nathan, Gabrielle, Cecilia, Jude, Aria and Sarah (absent: Gurleen)