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At Hume Anglican Grammar students are required to wear a uniform that reflects the values of the school. Our uniforms are easy to wear, durable and affordable.  

A properly worn uniform
  • Will enhance the School image and student pride in the School
  • Is an indicator of a positive school tone
  • Is a means of student identification with the School community
  • Provides a strong representation of the School at inter-school and broader community  events 
  • Allows the wider community to identify our students
  • Diminishes clothing costs, fashion competitiveness and superficial individual differences
  • Provides one avenue through which students may learn respect for parental and teacher  authority in our community. Uniform is one expression of the School’s legitimate boundaries, designed to teach students to be well presented and respectful of the School’s  expectations

All students will require a Winter, Summer and Sports Uniform throughout the year.

Parents/Guardians must ensure that students are correctly attired, at all times, in accordance with the School’s Uniform Policy.

Uniform Policy

Download a copy of the Uniform Policy here.

Download a copy of the Uniform Policy Appendix here.


Uniform Provider

Noone Imagewear 


543 Keilor Road Niddrie Vic 3042
P: +61 3 9379 5037             

Trading Hours: 
Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm 
Saturday 9.00am - 1.00pm

Online Store: www.noone.com.au/shop/


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