For the fifth instalment of the Rockstar Reader series, we sat down with Year 4 student Martin Scaria to find out how reading has contributed to his life, “reading gives my life imagination and joy!” he says, and we in the Library wholeheartedly agree. Martin takes his statement further, “reading has expanded my mind and perspective more by giving me different views, for example understanding that villains also have human traits. Maybe something really sad happened to them when they were little that makes them act in a bad way.” This is an incredible perspective to have at age nine; it’s clear that reading avidly has helped Martin to cultivate this emotional maturity and intelligence.

So what tip does Martin have for our budding readers at Hume Anglican Grammar? “Read fiction, but not only fiction. At least once a month pick up a non-fiction book to learn about what is going on in the world.” Martin certainly takes his own advice; he regularly gravitates to the books on display that are centred around special events in our yearly calendar. He borrows books about WW1 around the time of Anzac Day, about various heroines for International Women’s Day and changemakers who are making global impact for Earth Day.

Martin has a curious and inquiring mind and he devours books to assist him on his journey. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if one day we will see books written about the great contributions he has made to our planet and society.   

Siana Einfeld - Teacher Librarian