Last week on Wednesday all of the Primary students took part in the annual Anzac Day service. Each year the service provides the students the opportunity to reflect and remember those men and women who have served and those who continue to serve. They also have the opportunity to see how the values of the school and the values they have at home, link them to the ideals and values fought for by our original ANZACs. 

This year’s service had a special guest from the Australian Defence Force Lieutenant David Greenstreet who currently works as a Signaller in the Armed Forces. He spoke about his job and what he does. He explained how ANZAC day is important to him and the way that he reflects and honours those men and women who have not returned.

As well as being a time to reflect, the Primary service also encourages the students to learn about components of the service. This year the focus was on learning more about the significance of the Last Post. We had a short clip about this piece of music and this year the Last Post and Rouse that followed the silence was played on a slide trumpet by Professional musician, Mal Webb. It was a wonderful chance for the students to hear this music played live.

Following the service, students in different year levels participated in activities linked to ANZAC giving them opportunity for further reflection.

Year 2 students took the opportunity to think and share their feelings about the music of The Last Post. Please see a number of their responses below.

The slow music of the Last Post reminds me of the people who died in the war and their families crying. The fast part reminds me of the ANZAC parade and when the people are marching along and the medals are going up and down. The whole piece of music reminds me to thank them. - Vedanshi 2C

The music reminds me of the people running and shooting during the war. - Benaiah 2C

The music makes me think of the people who died. The fast music reminds me of the soldiers stomping and marching. -

Sophia 2C

The slow part of the music reminds me of my Grandma’s Mum who died a long, long time ago and I never got to see her when I was born. I think of her. The fast part makes me think about the soldiers who fought for us and sacrificed themselves to keep us safe. - Georgiano 2C

It was fantastic to see the way in which our students participated in such a respectful manner at our service and was lovely to hear the number of students who then took time to pause or participate in a community event on ANZAC Day.

Lest We Forget.

Sarah Shatford - Head of Student Wellbeing 3 - 6 (Mt Ridley)