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Our Commitment

‘Student wellbeing at the core’ — is the message that echoes throughout Hume. This, our fundamental belief is that young people who are genuinely happy will engage, aspire and thrive within our learning community. 

A positive learning environment allows students to learn to their full potential. Students must feel safe, secure, and supported before they can be receptive to new learning. If students feel positive about their learning environment, they are more likely to regard each learning experience as something important, worthwhile, and rewarding.

Hume Anglican Grammar has in place a set of values that underpins the vision of the school. Students learn best when they feel safe, valued and happy. Our staff is committed to providing an environment that nurtures personal growth and self-esteem. All members of the school community have rights and responsibilities and these are best ensured when agreed procedures are accepted and followed. Primary school students are developing appropriate ways to interact with others. The school and its community share the responsibility to assist students in learning these behaviours.

We believe that a student’s wellbeing is triangulated in a partnership between the student, parents/carers and teachers at our school. By highlighting the rights, roles and responsibilities of each person in this triangulation it becomes clear how these partnerships can work together.