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We are strongly committed to offering a variety of co-curricular activities across the school, so that our students have a broad and rewarding educational experience. Some of these experiences are formalised through our participation in competitions or performance opportunities, while others are less structured and offered at school, during lunchtimes or even after school, on occasions. 

Our current co-curricular offering, which is growing as the school continues to develop and mature, includes:

  • Year 5 & 6 inter-school sport - with plans to introduce this in Secondary in 2017  
  • Clubs – e.g. Garden and Computer 
  • Annual Primary and Secondary School productions (alternate years) 
  • Dance performances and Music ensembles – Primary and Secondary 
  • After school Fitness classes 
  • Camps at most year levels in Primary and selected year levels in Secondary 
  • Galway (Interschool) activities involvement – e.g. Chess and Debating 
  • Special events – Primary Reading night, Carols and Community involvement 
  • Lunchtime assistance – Mathematics, Science, English, ICT
  • Instrumental tuition 
  • Intra-House carnivals – swimming, cross country and athletics 
  • Competitions such as table tennis, public speaking and badminton

Co-curricular Activities

Hume aspires to empower authentic leaders for the future, shaped within a vibrant, happy and innovative learning environment. Extra activities are an integral component of a student's overall holistic education. We believe that such activities, wisely selected, will contribute to a student's attainment of the educational outcomes. In addition, they will foster specific skills, team collaboration, as well as leadership and values, which they can transfer to their lives now and in the future.




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