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Next year the school will commence construction at Mt Ridley of its Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Centre, or more commonly known as STEM.
Design for the centre commenced in 2017, and in recent months plans have finalised to be at a point where a formal announcement can be made. You will see below some plans and images, and in the coming days more information will be made available so you can explore the wonders of this building.
The $3,500,000 STEM Centre will adjoin to the existing Secondary Science Centre (Building 7), will connect to the Senior Secondary Centre (Building 10), and will cover some 900m2. The facility has a construction budget of and in total the building It comprises two Science Laboratories (to supplement the existing four), a Project Room, Design Room, Maker Space, a STEM Space, Reading Nook, Preparation area, Staff room and storeroom. In addition, there will be surrounding decking allowing students to gather to socialise and study, as well as connecting pathways, landscaping and gardens.
Much has been seen about the ever growing interest in STEM subjects, and the trend across the nation continues towards vocations within this domain. Hume Anglican Grammar is no different, and the subjects of Science, Technology and Mathematics remain the most popular, and those most consistently pursued by students. Further, when pathways of graduating Year 12 students are analysed, the STEM type courses are the most prevalent. For example, last year from a cohort of 60 students, 55 headed into tertiary courses. Of this group 38, or 69%, chose courses with a science, technology, engineering and mathematics base. This does not count some business and commerce courses that would require an accounting/financial understanding. The pattern is similar in previous cohorts. It is fitting that Hume continues to strive to support these pursuits and further enhance our learning environment better preparing students for the future.
The opening of the STEM Centre in 2021 is part of the Mt Ridley Masterplan for development. Early next year, I will be able to share with the community more details of upcoming capital works, with a number of innovative and beneficial projects planned – including our new Sports Centre.


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