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Hume Anglican Grammar provides an environment in which our students understand service as being characterised by unselfish, altruistic acts which benefit others in our School in local and global communities.

Our goal is for our students to become people who integrate service into their personal and professional lives, and to not expect recognition or reward in return. Service should not be seen as atypical, rather as normal; it should not be seen as predictable, but rather capricious; it does not have to be necessarily overt, rather as sometimes unobvious.

The School Will:

  • Develop students with school pride, who can embark on meaningful and productive lives as confident and respected global citizens
  • Be recognised in our community as a school of choice providing a relevant, progressive and prized education, and valued for its contribution
  • Deliver improvements in performance across academic and co-curricular programs
  • Have staff who are engaged, collegial and dedicated to the School; who find fulfilment in a harmonious and stimulating workplace
  • Have connected parents who support the School as an intrinsic and steadfast element of family- life
  • Be financially viable, operationally sustainable and organisationally robust - so shaping our own destiny
  • Be seen as a flagship for other Diocesan schools


Our next Discovery Tour
Come along to Hume Anglican Grammar to find out more about an affordable private education. 
The Open Day provides prospective families with the opportunity to meet our Principal Mr. Bill Sweeney and teaching staff.  

Finding the right school for your child is an important decision-making process.  Whether you're looking for a Prep or Year 7 enrolment or transitioning your child from another school, this is a great opportunity to visit the campus on the weekend when families have more time to look around and ask lots of questions.

Find out more about our curriculum, the co-curricular program, student wellbeing, student life and more! 

You will have the opportunity to tour through both the Primary and Secondary campuses.  

For families interested in applying for the Donnybrook campus from 2019, we will also have information specific to Donnybrook and be able to answer more questions.  

Discover why Hume Anglican Grammar is the right fit for your family.
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